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“Your mood determines your style” Believe it or not, we live by this rule subconsciously.We often find ourselves in those breezy, airy whites and loose pants during those scorching heats or those sheen, straight and tasteful attire when we are all about “we run the world” mood. This is reflected in our issue this month.

Vaastu Vastra is a reflection within your own self, a concept so ingenious that is rooted from one’s moods and emotions (energies) .

A woman has different roles and positions in this patriarchal society and with this, comes an amalgam of varied sentiments, temperaments, notions and opinions. Hence, through the medium of colors and elements of nature, Vaastu Vastra is all about those distinctive personalities for a different being in you.

Whether it is for that decisive, poised and gallant woman in you or the times you go into a nutshell with those boundaries and your own space, we bring to you, Vaastu Vastra, an expression of your passions and sensations through varied colors and elements of nature.

“ I believe in those heights you don’t see, I believe I can fly, I believe in those dreams, I believe.”



She lives in those dreams. She aims to reach there somewhere. Call her ambitious, or an over achiever, that’s how one seems to be. With that zeal and passion, she has that pride in her with that poise and urge to make it in this big bad world.

With the virtue of infinite patience and far-sightedness, are the attributes of a vulture. They soar at the mercy of the currents and wait for opportunities. They are creatures of the air and hence, feed at the carcass of their dreams. Arising from this element of nature, air or wind is a symbol of aspiration and inspiration and is often seen as a universal power or pure substance with hues of purples and whites.


On model : Top and Cape by Ivory, skirt by Kisna by Sakshi Khetterpal, choker and earrings by Ruby Raang



“You make me go in my shield, perhaps that’s where I belong, that’s where I reside sometimes. Perhaps..”



Entrenched. Grounded. Protected. These are certain attributes which she can’t avoid nor shy away from but there comes a point from time to time where she goes in her shield. Away from all the troubles, all worries.

Similarly, these aspects are reflected in a turtle where they go into a shell, sheltered and locked away. Being silent and calm, this creature is rooted, just like one of the many attributes of a woman. Deriving from this grounded behavior, is the element of earth. This nature’s element shows you perseverance and consistency and since its rooted from the ground, it’s a symbol of that subtle conscious nature, comprising of earthy tones and greens.


On model : Dingy green pants by Ek Soot , bralet by Ivory, dupatta by Shikha & Nitika, necklace and rings by Ode to Earth, headband by Studio Accessories and footwear by Solehouse.



“Humbly being present in the background, be it a backbone or rock solid to make you be in that limelight. I give you my soul here.”


There is a reason why a woman is referred to as a nurturer and a homebody. She is a backbone and a crucial, supporting role in every aspect of life. Heeding to everybody’s needs while taking a backseat when she has to, to give importance and life to others around gracefully and elegantly.

These fine features are reflected in a swan, who is venerated for her elegant grace and gentle beauty. Just like a swan is known for its noble reputation, a woman is recognized with the same significance and attracts attention for its eternal nature. With this, comes space which is ever-present, providing the other elements with an opportunity to interact and being of supporting nature filled with shades of whites and beige.


On model: Bralet and cape jacket by Pushpak Vimaan, sari by Ode To Earth, bracelets by Rhea Jewellery, anklet used as a bracelet by Ruby Raang, headband by Karleo and jutis by Mojari Flakes.




“There is freedom waiting for you, on the wafts of the sky, to be relieved, to be free..”


She could be isolated. She could be resilient. That’s how she adapts herself according to her surroundings. Let her be, let her be free. Imbibing and adopting is a part of her nature.

This is reflected in the attributes of aquatic life and marina. Just like a fish is coated and covered with scales and layers of fins and colors, a woman is entitled to have layers of emotions, all pouring to come out. Residing in water, an element of nature, she imbibes those qualities of fulfillment and giving life to living beings and the nature around.


On model: Blouse and lehenga by Purple Panchi, dupatta by Sanskriti Arts, ankelet by Ruby Raang, bracelet by Ode To Earth, earrings by Aprajita Toor and juttis by Mojari Flakes.

“The kingdom is her throne where she rules like no other. She is the queen of her words, her poise , her style.”


With her intrinsic nature of being fierce and gallant, she adorns this feature and continues to live in that aura. She needs no explanations, no reasoning, she is sufficient enough and lives by her own rules.
This is represented in the attributes of a lion who is the king of the jungle. With this comparison, comes the stern and intense edge of a woman who is fiery with that blaze and fire. Just like fire, being a manifestation of power and energy which is nature’s element of both creation and destruction, here comes a riot of bright and strong color combination of reds and black.


On model, lehenga by Jessica Khanijo, jacket by Shikha & Nitika, earrings and necklace by Ruby Raang, headband by Karleo and jutis by Solehouse.


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This arctlie went ahead and made my day.

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Thank you so much. We will make sure to continue to inspire you 🙂

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