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Anna Dello Russo rightly said,”Accessories are like vitamins to fashion.”

Apparel cannot sustain without it. More than the want, you need it to complete your look. They’re like different elements which chain together to form one link.

Based on this, our HeyDay Accessories Edit is interrelated with the elements of nature and how each of them can be represented in its own distinctive way through mudras. Each one of it represents an element and how these elements come together to form life, similarly, we adorn accessories with our garments to complete that ensemble because like they say, dressing is a way of life.

Bhu (Earth)
“My roots run deep into the core of the living earth”


Finding that ground and emerging from the roots, a balance is created in the form pf design and shape which is signified with the red circular ring and an eggwhite squared ring from Avrom. Based on the shape and size, one balances the other one out.

Jala ( Water)
“I flow with the rhythms of the current life”


With the hues of green-blue and the mood of energizing and expanding, a gold chain bracelet with a green maze like form from Avrom is adorned with an Ode To Earth natural green rustic stone ring , giving a fluidity and pattern.

Shiva Linga (Sacred Creative Force)
“I align thought , word and action with my highest vision of fiery.”


With energizing and to center the entire being, these multi stoned rings from Belsi’s Jewellery and Ode to Earth with dark, blazing hues of purple, blues and black bringing in the vigor and power derived from this element.

Padma (Lotus Flower)
“My heart blossoms open in the warmth of living.”


With the opening and revealing of our whole body, mind and spirit, featuring those bright natural stones from Ode To Earth and the subtle, rustic colors from Belsi’s Jewellery rings. This signifies the integration and union replicating the attributes of one’s inner blossoming being.

Garuda (King of Birds)
“Freedom is my true nature”


Just like a bird spreads its wings to fly high, this is depicted in this mudra with Ode To Earth jewellery comprising of two rings and a purple rustic stone bracelet giving that earthy feeling and symbolizing freedom, openness and unlimited boundaries. The colors and action justify that very nature of space.


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I can’t beevile I’ve been going for years without knowing that.

Aditya Gupta


We will continue to enlighten you 🙂

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