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Male or Female? Gender? Feminine? Masculinity? Why has clothing become so restricted to these options?

Fashion is, in and of itself, this other language that we have between our bodies and the world. It’s a way to identify each other, and communicate with each other, without having to check off a box or explain ourselves. So then why has fashion become so gender oriented. People no longer want to be defined or limited by their gender as to what they can wear and this is where the “agender” fashion or lifestyle comes into play. Its not about black or white, we can live among the greys too.

The concept of agender fashion has recently gotten a lot of ink. It has been such a rigid binary for so long that it’s only now we’ve sort of started to push our boundaries and merge along. We should all feel free to explore fashion and beauty and find what works for us. So whether it stems from the fact that someone out there is not fully satisfied with the state of fashion, industry’s lack of diversity or a feeling of separation, it is to add that tad bit of confidence in people, to make that head held high with with those bow ties while your heels clack away in that poised fashion.

Labels like Dhruv Kapoor, AM:PM, Echo are going that extra edge to design garments which are not confined to gender fashion but breaching out to mixed silhouttes and colors, and breaking those stereotypes of body con wear for women or muted colors for men.

“Genderless fashion” which clubs both men and women’s tastes in accordance with your preference and style is what’s trending these days and why not? You could be teaming up your favorite pair of trousers with a dainty jacket or styling your classic shirt as half tucked in and half loose fit ,hence, forming a perfect blend of both worlds.

Call it androgynous or unisex but agender fashion is the new “it” thing whether it is your culottes paired with a crop top, or your boyfriend jeans corresponding with your casual laid back tee, everything works as long as you break those bounds.

“Don’t let people label you. There are no rules here.”


On model : Maxi dress and shirt from Echo, sneakers(inhouse).


“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”


On model : Shirt dress from Door of Mai, kurti dress from Trupti KM with T strap Teal colored flats from Crave Connect.


“I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me”


On model : Long shirt by Kanelle paired with flared pants from Ankita Juneja.


“Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.”


On model: Divided shirt by Kanelle ,long jacket by Trupti KM, shorts and heels (inhouse).


“I didn’t realize who I was until I stopped being who I wasn’t.”


On model : Crop top and blazer from Echo, culottes and tan heels (inhouse).


“I am not trapped in my body, I’m trapped in other people’s perceptions of my body”


On model : Casual shirt by Door Of Mai, Dhoti pants by Free Living, leather sling bag and sneakers


“I don’t think I want anything different than what I have today, my own skin.”


On model : Button down shirt by Door of Mai, High-low striped skirt by Echo and T-strap shoes by Crave Connect.


“You are entirely upto you. I belong to no one.”


On model: Cropped shirt by Free Living , straight fit dress by Paar and leather strap flats from Crave Connect.



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