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Don’t know what to wear for your favourite holiday season? We get you. To offer a permanent solution, OUAT comes up with the struggles of dressing up. How every girl faces that dilemma before every night out. With about a hundred options in your head, one goes through that rollercoaster ride with respect to what to wear. What one decides is never the final option anyway.
We give you bling and sequins, dark hues and shades, checks and stripes, to choose from, offering a variety of selection.
This New years and party season, get on the top of your game from Raunika’s Couture checkered jacket set and that classic scarlet red dress to the burgundy blingy game of Platinoir or those silk feels with The Dream Co. and the glitter of Rhea Jewellery, we have it all.
So step in those shoes, get click clacked away and get ready for the greatest party of all seasons with us. Check this video out.

Picture Credits: Delicate Illustrations by Choi Mi Kyung – Fubiz Media

Instagram or Instascam?

X-Pro 2, Lo-Fi , Reyes? No, these are not your sci-fi movie titles. Just one of the many Instagram filter options available to our socially cognizant female population.

It’s not about sharing memories of your Kodak moments or the sheer happiness you develop, its just an attempt of contrived perfection made to get attention. Nowadays, with the growing insanity and hours spent just discussing whether a monochromatic filter looks better than a sepia version of your selfie is a more crucial thing to ponder over. And not just any selfie but your ever so delicate attempt of a 100th photo taken probably of the same pose in front of your bathroom mirror.

No creativity there, and why would you think of a different pose or a picture? It’s the perfect way to hide the blemishes of your true natural self which you surely don’t want people to see and with the perfect dim lighting or photoshop skills,it would give the perception of an ideal 36-24-36 dimensions which every girl desires or aims for because being thin is socially acceptable.

Its not immoral to look perfect or simply longing to. Who doesn’t want to but what’s essential is that the public approves of it. How else will you ever become so popular and admired? Not with those 50 likes? Oh, god, no. That’s a sin. Your best friend gets a dozen more easily on the first day itself. Though that could have its own set of reasoning. Maybe putting skimpy pictures could give her that advantage or with a “like booster” app which indefinitely increases your likes and followers. Delightful, isn’t it?

Instagram has developed more into Instascam. Gone are the days where people actually used to connect and talk when they made plans to meet each other. Its more approachable to talk via messages or sharing pictures when you might just be sitting right across the table. Forget about living in the moment, that’s a 90’s view point. Now, its about public validation of where you go, what you’re doing and giving an update to the entire world just at your fingertips. Who cares if you’re actually relishing and enjoying the moment.

What an impeccable way to kill someone’s self esteem considering the other person has more number of likes and a better followers list. Hence, you resort to all kind of ways to make yourself look better because that’s the sad reality, “what is she going to think?”

Credits: Video Editing by Vishal Kumar Styling by Keerat Kaur Make up & Hair by Misha Khurana & Content by Japnit Chadha


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