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Hello, V-Day beauties, we are here for a love affair edit. 14th February. Roses. Love. Candle light dinners. It’s what everyone relates to. Whether one’s single or committed, it’s this one designated day people definitely look forward to. To celebrate love and being happy whether its in the form of a friendship, a relationship or anything else for that matter.

You have a date, your reservations are set, but there’s one last piece of the Valentine’s Day puzzle — figuring out what to wear. Whether you’re going out with your girlfriends or having a cozy night in with someone special, dressing the part can make all the difference.

Let’s turn it up a notch and make a statement. This Valentines, overlook the generic reds and laces and get the trends going. Bring in the ruffles and anti fit silhouettes, with those cold shoulder giveaways and pastel love.
This one’s all about loving yourself first and then imbibing that impression on someone. This one’s for that free spirited persona in you, who scuffles to come out and express oneself. This one’s for the single ladies too who have no apprehensions or might just be pessimistic about this day but would love to find another occasion to celebrate their liberty and singlehood attitude.

We’re here to find the perfect outfit for every occasion, so you will feel flirty, fun, and sexy no matter where the night takes you. From Istri’s polka dotted ruffled crop top to sultry shirt dresses by Free Living .Choose, style it and turn heads by keeping the love alive.


Top by Istri, Pants by Bias , Bag by OUAT Trunks, Ring by Drama Queen and Bracelet by Azariya

With the overflow of patterns and prints in the background in such a defined manner that it manages to camouflage as well as stand out, polkas and ruffles go hand in hand with a toss of brights and psychedelic ways. Similarly, one goes through a labyrinth of a roller coaster ride of emotions and sentiments where we still manage to come through and make a way out.


Top by The Bedtime Story , Pants by Bennch , Rings by August Line and Azariya and Clutch bag by OUAT Trunks

Go for that wind-swept, breezy look with the backdrop setting offering that gusty, lighthearted touch while adding a boxy, checkered, structured look with bright tints to your apparel. With the paradoxical notion of free spirited and regulated feel clash, one always chooses to strive and still make a statement in this conflicting world.


Dress by Free Living , Jacket by Roxx Luxe , Slippers by The Bedtime Story and Earrings by Silver Sky

All pastels, all pinks, all the love you can get from the stripe on trend with these hues taking on the leap. We all have that dainty, girl next door side to us which attempts to unleash in free flowing ruffles and pastel palette. So here’s your personal guide to the ladylike elegance and feminine aspect of oneself.


Shirt Dress by Kaprahpan , Scarf by Nida Mahmood , Earrings by Silver Sky and Bag by OUAT Trunks

Presenting a spectrum of colours diverged from the prism with chaotic order brought down with the minimalistic whites and floral touch. In a similar way, with the rush of all the humdrum and monotony that one experiences, there is still an urge to be simplistic in one’s ways.


Dress by Ridress , Headband by Nida Mahmood and Bag by OUAT Trunks

Ruffles and frills accompanied with floriated soft hues like a walk in the park with those fun-filled adventures one experiences, is what this trend is all about. Imbibing from the nature, you get onto the thrilling and frolic part of you to make all the bitterness go away. Here’s to a jolly good mood.

Credits: Model Kayaan Contractor Styling Keerat Kaur Photography Vishal Kumar Editing Jitender Chauhan Content Japnit Chadha


Cold & Coveralls are here to stay for our winter special where everyone is enclosed within their confined spaces and comfort. We are always in the zone to be all gloomy and withdrawn with dull and light hues. Why not brighten up this chilly weather by bringing in those radiant colors and patterns.
Presenting a collection from our selected designers on the website, The Yogi and Absolute Pashmina. They’re here for you to set a trend and get out of those safe places and explore. This one’s for the free spirited woman clenching to get out from within and otherwise.


This designer collection is all about kantha fabric and patch work. What seemed outdated is back in trend with bright hues and embroidery. What’s amazingly appealing about the collection is the touch of indo western ensembles. There is a perfect blend of ethnic traditions sandwiched with a western outlook.
The anti fit silhouette calls for that free spirited woman deserted somewhere. To claw her way back for an artisanal revival speaks volumes about the modern day woman that she is today. Shoutout to such personalities and such ensembles. Go grab your exquisite range now.


A walk down memory lane takes, Poonam Virk, the founder of Absolute Pashmina to the heart and soul of the brand. ‘The beautiful heirlooms passed on to me by my grandmother, inspired me to design’, she says. “Married into a family of polo players who adore and live horses, hugely inspired me to weave my passion into a luxury product” she adds. The global vision of the brand is to communicate the plush indian heritage to an esteemed clientele/niche . The mission manifests a devotion to provide superlative quality fabric and an unprecedented/peerless customer experience. Proud pioneers in manufacturing superior quality Pashmina (100% cashmere),we find our roots in the Valleys of Kashmir. The prolific karigars indulge in intricate devising of the handspun pieces.

The premium product line embodies the rich equestrian lifestyle blended with Indian culture primarily in shades of The Wedding Collection-Vintage border (limited edition), exotic silk. Each piece is hand spun and is breathed life into, with detailed customisation. Some pieces take over 200 days to manufacture and are made by one man because if touched by another, the weaving style changes. The antiques and limited edition detailing is sourced from the gharanas of Jaipur, Punjab, Varanasi and beyond.

Credits: Models (from top) Kosha, Julia, Dominika & Sophia Styling by Keerat Kaur Photography by Vishal Kumar & Make up & hair by Misha Khurana Content by Japnit Chadha


Band, Baaja, Bridesmaid. This one is all about those bridesmaid’s attires which you adorn. We all have experienced the elation and the the load of a bridesmaid’s duty. If not more, we feel equally vital to our very own bride and her wedding mania. With the buck load of responsibilities comes the pressure of sporting that ideal ensemble.

One finds it extremely difficult to reach that balance where we would want to stand out from the crowd but also not much that we conceal and take away the bride’s thunder. After all, it’s her day and you’re by her side.

The Grey Halfway aka Monalisha Mahapatra shows us how to do it well and how through that trick of mixing and matching with the ideal combination of reds and blues. She calls it Marsala.

BridesMaid's Affair

“I have been doing a lot of creative boards for bridesmaids as I am also preparing for one of my best friends wedding, and i am pretty excited for that. So you know how it’s a major thing these days for the bridesmaids to stand out with different elements in the outfits or accessories? Just have a look at the dupatta I have thrown over.
I have an ideal place for you to decide and pick its called Once Upon a Trunk and I have curated my full post picking different designers that they have on board.
Marsala and Navy is one of the hottest trends right now apart from rose quartz, metallics & patches and it’s definitely here to stay, like the moon cool, calm and always there. Marsala has been one of the most powerful Pantone colours last season (2015) and seems to make ways directly to my not so sorted wardrobe because I am shamelessly in love with the compact aura of these two complimentary colours. The deep wine colour is such a change from the traditional red yet in the same family which fits perfectly for the weddings. Hope you enjoyed the visual posts as much as we did while framing them”.

On model : Kurta Set by Free Living Earrings by Silver Sky Clutch by Kunst and kolhapuris by Boriya Basta

BridesMaid's Affair

BridesMaid's Affair

BridesMaid's Affair

BridesMaid's Affair

Credits: Modeling, Editing & Styling by Monalisha Mahapatra Photography by Peyush Baranwal & Content by Japnit Chadha


Ho! Ho! It’s the holiday season. The season of reds and greens, the joy of giving, gifts exchanging, all bling and warmed up. December calls out for those Secret Santa shenanigans, that stack of gifts enfolded up under the Christmas Tree.
This leads to pondering and the thousand options rummaging through your head about what to gift to your special ones. Why not make it easier by going through our special curated Gift Shop.
Around 300 products gathered under one section, making it easy for you to select and add to cart. From quirky take on night wear from The Dream Co. to ethnic potlis from Saatvik By Jasleen Makkar Providing a range of contemporary jewellery from Belsi’s Jewellery & Artsie Ville to clutches from Purple Sack and Knots By Nishi. It’s a one-shop-stop for your ultimate gift collection. Go ahead and gift away this season! Let’s be that favorite Santa for our loved ones.


Gift Shop











It’s that time of the year again where we get all cozied up with layering and warming it up. What we forget is that we could just incorporate fashion with comfort and why not? Its winter season, the season of weaves, ruffles, knits and wool.

If you’ve been pulling out the same jacket-and-jeans combo for 29,347 days in a row now, you might have cold-weather-induced bored-of-everything-syndrome. So let’s just bring out those latest trends and make a statement this season. We bring to you varied mix and match, favorite winter wear ensembles with a whole new structural look with the location, BoConcept.

BoConcept is the brand name of Denmark’s most global retail furniture chain with more than 300 sales units in more than 60 countries around the world. This store offers customised, coordinated and affordable design furniture and accessories. The BoConcept collection includes living and dining, sleeping, hallway, outdoor, home office furniture, rugs, lamps and home accessories. Take a look!



On model: Night suit by The Dream Co.

We like our bed and sleep all cozy and comfortable. To match that, get in those trendy nightwear and matching pyjamas from The Dream Co. with shirts. Be it checks, plaids or fun pattern motifs, we have it all. So click on that snooze button because getting out of bed is going to be a painstaking process now.



On model: Cape by Khaleej and fur collar by Riddhi & Revika

With that glimpse of sunshine shining down your face, in those glitzy winter mornings, get on with those capes and overalls from Khaleej with a new nuance of a fur collar from Riddhi & Revika . Get in trend with what’s trending, folks!




Travelling and Trunks go hand in hand and what better way than to pair those checkered ponchos from Khaleej with wooden trunks from Once Upon a Trunk and duffle bags. It’s comfortable, it’s chic, it’s all you can ask for so Get, Set, Go!


On model: Cape by Khaleej Sunglasses by Fahrenheit Choker by Maiti Shahani Trunk by OUAT and duffle bag by Boriya Basta



On model: Dress by Echo Fur Coat by Riddhi & Revika Earrings by Maira

Every night out, we always have that one hindrance of how to layer up that gorgeous dress differently. Don’t you worry, when you have those fur coats from Ridhi & Revika with that nice cocktail dressfrom Echo. Also, don’t forget to accessorise with those bling earrings from Maira.




On model: Dress by Dhruv Kapoor Shawl by In Things Cape by Khaleej Earrings by Silver Sky

Let’s do it the Audrey Way with those 50’s style coming about. Classy it up with those calf length circle dress from Dhruv Kapoor with that atypical shawl from In Things draped around. Get inspired with “The New Look”.




On model: Top by Aashna Behl Jumpsuit by In Things Necklace by Dramaqueen

Set a tone, camouflage away and get all rustic with lush greens and off shoulder tops from Aashna Behl and jewellery from DramaQueen. Make that semi formal look all chic and trendy with this look for your winter wear hues.




On model: Overcoat by Echo Jumpsuit by In Things Choker by Maiti Shahani Handbag by Walnut

Loosen the cuff links and the regular 9-5 humdrum of the white collar shirt and get all layered up with this woolen overcoat from Echo. How about matching it up and making it look all jazzed up with a choker from Maiti Shahani.


To scrooge through the BoConcept store and the products, you can find it on


Credits: Photography & Editing: Vishal Kumar Styling Keerat Kaur Hair & Make Up Misha Khurana Content Japnit Chadha Model Dominika Wozniak

What’s in the Trunk?

Credits: Photography & Editing: Ishant Raj Kohli Styling Keerat Kaur & Japnit Chadha Content Japnit Chadha

Once Upon a Trunk commenced their journey with the concept of home shopping in those stylised curated trunks at your doorstep. Taking the vision and inspiration from this, we decided to make lives even more simpler and refined.
Presenting specialised OUAT multi purpose trunks which define your style, comfort and usage. Gone are the days where trunk bags were just used as an ornament or a showpiece. We offer you 10 different styles and ways of using this trunk to your usage. Bring out your vanity and make up kits and give them a whole new feel.


Footwear Trunk

Autumn is here and that calls for wedding mania. This is the time when we rummage through those chanderi silks and gota jewellery with our larger than life heavy lehengas. Why not combine all of it into one trunk and make lives easy? Or secure that trousseau collection in this fancy trunk bag and gift it all along to your loved ones this season.


Poker Trunk

Let’s not forget to make a style statement this season by taking the clutches and slings a notch higher. Carry on trunks are the new set zone to make it a statement piece. Not only will this serve as an added accessory but its extremely handful and spaced up to keep all your belongings.


Footwear Trunk

Festive season calls for festive wear and what better way than to bring that stash of juttis on. With the mayhem of what goes with what, one needs order and balance. Get this trunk for your specialised punjabi juttis and flats and make it your very own footwear fiesta.



OUAT presents a briefcase like trunk bag for your poker belongings. Stash those poker chips with your playing cards and get set with that all nighter mood with your trunk bag. This carry case makes an add on bag for your accessible wear.


Suitcase Trunk

The contemporary weddings calls for all things glam and glitter. To add to this, is the bridesmaid trunk for your favorite bridesmaids. Stash up all your favorite selected gifts in this small yet spacious sized trunk and make your wedding a true dream like one.


Accessory Trunk

Pink, nudes and metallics, all in one sling trunk. Replace your make up boxes with these special make up trunk slings, making it convenient for you to carry them along with you. Keep all your worries away of half filled touch ups now and blush it away.


Cosmetics Trunk

Decorate your dresser with your beautiful collection of toileteries and vanity items in our trunk bag. Add this trunk as an added ornament to blend in with other accessories and other necessities because why compromise by stuffing them in a pouch or case.


Perfume Trunk

Bored of those heavy suitcases and bag? Why not try something chic and light to carry away all your heavy items while travelling. Travel light and make sure you do, with this school bag feel trunk and get going to your little adventure.


Princess Trunk

Click Clack goes the typing spree and to keep up with those office table accessories is our specialised trunk size bag. This is an ideal trunk to keep all your knick knacks together and in one place so that they don’t get misplaced. Make it a statement the offical way.


Art & Craft Trunk

Keep your most precious treasures locked away in our specialised half moon or checkered trunk with all your jewellery and accessories stacked up. Now you can choose from all your options from one single place of jewelled chest.


It’s that time of the year again. Out comes those chills, that fresh smell in the air that calls out for those autumn feels. With festivity all around, don’t we all anticipate around for the most awaited season of the year? The wedding bells around the corner, festive occasions in a splatter, out comes the need to adorn ourselves in this gala cheer.

The celebratory mood brings in that delight and exhilaration and with the rush of joy and festivals, we don’t think twice to be all brand new. So this festive season, bring in those brights and colors to be all lit up, to be all dazzled.

How about blending in with Midas’ touch of gold and those deep, rooted colors. Fuse it with a tinge of pastels to balance it while forming those assymetrical prints and patterns with top-notch jewellery and accessories. Presenting the festive gala shoot of the season. Go shop your favorite look on our website.


Get in touch with those royal ethnic silhouttes and lehenga sets this wedding season. Drape those dupattas in that extra ordinary fashion and layer it with gold plated accessories and potli bags.

Festive IndoWestern Wear
Festive IndoWestern Wear
Festive IndoWestern Wear

On Roshni (right) Lehenga Set by Trisha Dutta, Earrings by Artsie Ville, Potli by Saatvik by Jasleen Makkar , On Devica (left) Lehenga Set by Trisha Dutta, Earrings by Rever, Potli By Saatvik by Jasleen Makkar

Credits: Model(left) Roshni Model(right) Devica Sharma Photography Vishal Kumar Editing Jahnvi Bansal Hair & Make up Misha Khurana Styling Keerat Kaur & Jahnvi Bansal Content Japnit Chadha


Bring it down a notch with minimal yet trendy silhouttes. Dainty colors and embroidery with palazzo pants and dupattas is definitely the way to go for classic events.

Festive IndoWestern Wear
Festive Collection Indo Western Wedding
Festive Collection Indo Western Wedding

On Roshni( left) Kurta Set by Navna Mehra, Earrings & Ring by Drama Queen, Clutch by Saatvik by Jasleen Makkar, On Devica (right) Kurta Set by Navna Mehra, Earrings by Silver Sky, Clutch by Pink Cocktail.


Make that bold statement with bold and colorful prints in the form of jackets and a line silhouttes. Be Bright, Be Bold!

Festive Collection Indo Western Wedding
Festive Collection Indo Western Wedding
Festive Collection Indo Western Wedding

On Devica(right) Kurta Set by Navna Mehra, Necklace by Paarisha, Earrings by Silver Sky, Juttis by Mojari Flakes, On Roshni (left) Kurta Set by Navna Mehra, Necklace by Paarisha


Holaaaa to all you creative minds. How about getting a sneak peek into a quick fire session with Sahaya Sharma, a freelance artist. We meshed her with a couple of archetypal questions which runs through everybody’s heads and a little fun and frolic with this atypical delightful person. Go have a look!

Credits: Model: Sahaya Sharma Editing: Vishal Kumar Content: Japnit Chadha

Once Upon A Trunk

Try & Buy


Too worn down to select your favorite garment for that special occasion? Or maybe too doubtful and double minded about buying that perfect look online? How about bridging the gap between the two.
Presenting to you the privilege of home shopping experience with Try & Buy. Once Upon a Trunk bestows upon you with a curated trunk, hand picked according to your budget and style with a stylist coming at your doorstep.



Sign up to meet our stylist while curating your trunk based on the items you like. Add those items to select a wide variety of apparel and accessories just for you.



Have your stylist bring over your selected, hand picked curated trunk at your doorstep. Scrooge through your items at your beck and call and get all donned up.



Try & choose the items hand picked for you according to your convenience. This comes with your budget and style while the stylist helps you with her suggestions.



Only pay for what you keep and send the rest of the merchandise with the stylist with any customization if needed.

Credits: Model: Japnit Chadha Editing: Vishal Kumar Styling Keerat Kaur Content Japnit Chadha




Model Dhanya Pillai Photography Vishal Kumar Hair & Make up Ranjana Stylist Keerat Kaur & Jahnvi Bansal & Content Japnit Chadha

The rituals of Karwa Chauth are simple- the wife goes without the basic necessities of food and water for a day for the health and longevity life of her husband. The ritual breaks when the moon appears and she is offered something sweet to eat and water to drink by her husband.

As simple as the ritual is, the questions which arise related to this festival are complex which focus on how gender biased and traditional it is. But in between , feminism and traditional lies a role of a wife.

She does not care what the world thinks of her, she isn’t torn between a feminist or a typical indian woman. She has enough worries of the world. That is not the dilemma here. She is probably just that woman who tries everything in her power to keep her marriage intact with the numerous distractions which claims her husband’s attention from work to social life. Probably she is trying to be a little more interesting than the 6-inch mobile screen in her partner’s hands.

A wife would perhaps be only interested in living her relationship with the man she is with and experiencing love in her life, which is challenging enough in itself nowadays. Hence, this doesn’t’ become a matter of a tradition or an obligation, but a simple gesture of love and affection she would want to show for her husband, which by the end of the day, is her own personal choice.

She adorns herself in those hues of reds of ethnic wear, makes her feel devoted and beautiful about herself. It doesn’t matter whether its for her husband’s attention, its just an expression of beauty redefined in those silk and banarsi sarees while upholding the modern woman expression of contemporary silhouttes too.



On model : Sari by Sanskriti Arts, Juttis by VA By Vanshika


On model : Angrakha Set by Anushka Das, Jewellery by Rever, Juttis by VA By Vanshika


On model : Sari by Sanskriti Arts, Neckpiece by Rever, Juttis by VA By Vanshika


Shop from a selection of exquisite and independent designer range with a trunk size box of happiness.


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